Make your brand sing

Make your brand sing

1 Brand.  3 Guys. (And, a new one.)

I’ve driven Honda products for more than two decades. For the last 11 years, it’s been a brand owned by three guys.

These three dealership pros turn the clamor of concerned customers into symphonies of satisfaction from daylight to dark, six days a week. Their phones, pens, styluses, tablets and verbal cues create harmony that musical trios only dream about.

What’s amazing isn’t that they do it with ease. They’re professionals. It’s that there’s always a nice surprise. Sometimes it’s a simple cup of coffee. Other times, it’s a fix for something I didn’t know was wrong. No matter what, the big Honda “H” stands front and center in their efforts.

It” is there. Time after time. It’s evident when you see customers leave with smiles. Occasionally, I’ll take the courtesy shuttle. It’s rare when at least one rider doesn’t sing the praises of Martin, Jose or Marcos.

They truly personify the brand experience long after the new-car shine wears off. What’s important is that they tell that brand story hundreds of times a day, thousands of times a year. Each time, the story gets better because they live it. Because they do, each visit creates an exceptional brand experience.

Too often we allow brands to not live up to their promises. If a drive-through sandwich flops, we mostly let it go. If a computer crashes regularly , we eventually live with it. We even let high-end brands slide now and then. Martin, Jose and Marcos don’t give you any reason to entertain such a thought.

Their new challenge? To share their ability to tell the brand story with the new “guy” – Yvette. It’s likely she’ll add the harmony that’ll turn this trio into a quartet that sings better than it ever imagined. Honda should be proud of them. Their customers surely are.

These four pros make their brand mine. I don’t want to own a vehicle without them. That’s what makes our brand sing.

What makes your favorite brands uncommon? Share your stories today.

 Photo copyright: Chatchai Somwat


  1. Adriane L. Charlton
    March 12, 2014

    Beautiful writing.

    • Rick Purnell
      March 12, 2014



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